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Overcoat Articles


August sestet, written under the influence of some anonymous Japanese sages

Shadows Flicker In The Mind

URBAN SHADOWS Presented by: Hot Tin Productions Venue: Civic Playhouse, Newcastle (phone 4929 1977) Season: Ends May 24 THE urban shadows are dark and threatening as a man in a battered hat and dirty, torn overcoat slowly pulls a cart along a deserted street.

The Archangel Gabrielle Chainsaw Massacre

He cuts a modest figure beside the swanky champagne bar on St Pancras's upper concourse. Shopping bag in one hand, overcoat flapping, the portly gent gazes intently skyward, struck by a sudden thought, or pigeon.


MUSIC REVIEW: Busdriver, Roadkill Overcoat (Epitaph/Shock), ***1/2

Here, The Customers Are Served On The Rocks

This bar is cool - so cool you need an overcoat, Julian Lee finds.